When financial regulators decide it is time to make a financial system change to support their future strategic regulatory technology goals, they are always faced with the same question: Where to begin?  The attached guide is our effort to help financial regulators answer that question.

The guide How to Build an RFP For a Financial Regulator is structured in three parts:

  1. How to decide where you should go.
  2. How to assess where you are.
  3. How to draw your roadmap to get from one to the other.

SQL Power Suite is one platform to achieve proactive supervision today and tomorrow.  It is designed to support financial regulators in overcoming the barriers to the achievement of proactive supervision with an efficient and effective financial system that is complete, reliable and prepared to adapt to all future needs.

To support this achievement SQL Power takes a uniquely proactive approach to the implementation and future support of your system.  We will offer cost certainty throughout the implementation and on-going support of the system with a truly hassle-free investment model.

This proactive approach could include working through How to Build an RFP For a Financial Regulator guide with you, or you can build your plan independently.  Our goal is to help financial regulators implement the right financial system to enable proactive supervision and the maintenance of the integrity of their financial system well into the future.

This guide is designed to be both a working document to help build your business case for change, and as an education resource to help understand how the implementation of a new regulatory technology platform, like SQL Power Suite, makes proactive supervision possible.  It can be the beginning and end of the work you do, or it can start the conversation internally and with SQL Power to help evaluate if a platform like SQL Power Suite is right for you.